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Sorry, we no longer offer the 12Ghosts suite of Windows tools.

Some of the 12Ghosts still work on Windows 10, however, this software suite was developed more than twenty years ago and strived at times of Windows XP and IE 4.0. We released the final update in 2010, shortly before Windows 8.0 came out.

We did however, for all these years, continue to provide support per e-mail. Please note, that this is limited to existing customers and might be faded out in the near future.

Development started in 1993 for Windows 95 Beta (aka "Chicago"), aimed to fix a few shortcomings of the interface.

It strived in the early 2000s, at a time when Internet Explorer became the prevailing browser, again providing missing features like a pop-up blocker, and privacy settings, which weren't a big thing back then.

With other browsers taking over, and new versions of Windows becoming easier to use, our mission to make the world a tiny bit better was accomplished.















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