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Silence UAC (User Account Control)


Turn UAC on (recommended)

UAC is an additional layer of security, introduced in Windows Vista. Other than fully switching to administrator rights, which opens a window of possibility for malware, you decide case-by-case if you want to allow a program to run - or not! By all means, keep this additional security layer turned on during your daily work!

Set UAC to Silent Mode (use only temporarily)

No more UAC prompts. Any program may start with full admin rights ("elevated") at any time.

If your account is an administrator account, you still work with the lower rights of a standard user (least-privileged user account, LUA). Your browser, e-mail, and word editor - as long as they don't run as admin - cannot harm your system.

However, this does NOT do any magic to protect you from malware!!! Quite to the contrary, it allows running programs, including malware, to gain full admin rights. We recommend downgrading security only temporarily, for example when you install older programs, do anything in Program Files, or adjust system settings.

Turn off UAC (not recommended)

All programs work with full administrator rights. Even those that don't need them, like your browser, e-mail, or word editor. It is hardly a good idea to give programs that are known to have security vulnerabilities full admin rights. That's why we DON'T recommend turning off this security feature. Also, you would have to restart your computer for this setting to take effect. Hardly something you want to do... at all.

Note: Protected Mode of Internet Explorer 7.0 no longer works if UAC is turned off (even though it says so).


Turn on again in...minutes

Lower your guards only temporarily. Let 12-Silencer turn UAC back on after 5 minutes. Automatically, so you can't forget it.



Why make Windows less secure?

It's not about deciding deliberately against security. It's about the frustration that you cannot control what's going on on your machine. We believe that by taking anger out of the equation it becomes much easier to talk reason. Then you can see the ups and downs of each solution. In the end, you decide what's best for you.


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