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12Ghosts Zip2

Fast and easy compression, including self-extraction



What does it do for me?

Would you like to send a zip file but they may not know what a zip file is? No problem, send them a 12Ghosts Zip2 self-extracting file! That doesn't need any special zip program. Just double-click the compressed .EXE file and have all files displayed in a new folder window.

12-Zip2 uses the new Burrows-Wheeler block-sorting compression standard (BZ2). Reduce the size and save more than 20% compressed size compared to normal zip (PKZIP, WinZip, etc.)


12G-Zip2 provides 20% better compression than standard zip


Advantages of Zip2:

  • Up to 20% better compression than standard zip format
  • Easy handling of compressed files: Only 2 steps to zip - one click to unzip
  • Always creates self-extracting files - no need for a program to unzip
  • Send a 12-Zip2 compressed file by e-mail to a friend. They don't need to know anything about zip files. All they need to do is double-click the compressed self-extracting file
  • Include subfolders, and re-store them relative to the target folder,   automatically
  • Burrows-Wheeler compression algorithm, generally considerably better than LZ77/78-based compressors


Technically speaking

12Ghosts Zip2 uses Burrows-Wheeler block-sorting text compression algorithm, and Huffman coding. Compression is generally considerably better than that achieved by more conventional LZ77/78-based compressors (Zip 1), and approaches the performance of the PPM family of statistical compressors.

12Ghosts Zip2 is based in part on the work of Julian R. Seward.













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