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12Ghosts IETools

Keep position, auto-stop, fast thumbnail gallery download

(12-IETools LE is free for non-commercial use)

NEW: Enable or disable ShockWave Flash on the fly


What does it do for me?

Add a fully customizable toolbar to Internet Explorer that helps optimize your work and save time when browsing the Internet. Enable or disable any dynamic page elements, such as Flash animations, animated GIFs, and background sounds, on the fly: No more blinking or animated ads. Use the Boss Key to quickly hide all browser windows, should somebody enter unexpectedly. Move IE windows to the same position with one click, or even automatically. Clear the history and temporary cached files to protect your privacy. Fast download of thumbnail galleries, including re-naming to prevent overwriting of existing pictures. With this add-on to Internet Explorer you will have more fun, get things done faster, and hav more time to relax.


Settings dialog box

Open the 12-IETools settings dialog box. Here you can change Auto-Stop and Boss-Key options, as well as general startup options.

Customize the Toolbar

Add or remove toolbar buttons, and change the sequence of buttons. You can, at any time, reset the buttons to factory defaults by clicking Reset. Removing buttons saves space on the toolbar and you will probably be able to have another toolbar on the same row.


Automatically stop any dynamic page elements, such as background sounds and animations, immediately after the page has completed loading. No longer will a blinking ad distract your attention. (Note, this does not apply to scripting, Java applets, or Shockwave controls.)

There are options for Auto-Stop in 12-IETools settings. For example, some pages need longer to load. Increase the Auto-Stop Delay to 3 to 5 seconds. If a page still doesn't finish loading in that time, a manual refresh (F5) is an easy way to load pages completely, so turn off Auto-Stop After Refresh.


ActiveX controls impose a security risk because they might access files and data on your computer. By turning off ActiveX controls you can enhance security. Only Enable ActiveX if necessary on a particular web page. (You need to restart IE for this change to take effect.)


ShockWave Flash is an IE add-on that is often used to display animated ads. You can turn it on and off on the fly, without restarting IE. Some pages require it, some pages use it to display videos. With this button you can enable and disable Flash quickly. (Disclaimer: ShockWave, Flash, and Adobe are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.)

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are blinking pictures, often used to display ads. While you usually want to have pictures on web pages, you may not want them to blink.


Without images pages load faster! You may still display a picture: right-clicking on its placeholder and select 'Show Picture'.


Background sounds are most distracting if you don't expect them. With this button you can easily turn them on and off. (This does nothing to other sounds from videos, etc., or Windows.)

Protect Your Homepage

Secure your homepage, the page that loads when you start IE, from being changed inadvertently or by malicious programs. After changing the homepage yourself confirm the new homepage setting by simply pressing this button twice (disable and enable it again).


Clear out traces you left while browsing and working with Windows.


Enable and disable 12-Popup and add approved sites. (12-Popup is a separate program.)

On Top

Keep the current Internet Explorer window on top of all other windows, that is, even if not activated. You can still see the contents while working with a program beneath IE.

Set Size

Set the size and position of Internet Explorer windows. You may also enable Auto-Size which sets the default size the moment the window appears.

Three sizes can be pre-set for different situations. To change one of the three ...Size commands, position the IE window, then select one of the three Change... commands. (Note, the toolbar is also available in Windows Explorer.)


PRO Features

The registered PRO version of 12-IETools comes with additional features. For example, the PRO version allows you to download thumbnail picture galleries automatically, adds a Boss Key, and advanced delete options for clearing tracks.


A boss-key is useful when you need to hide certain windows quickly. It also hides the window entry from the taskbar! (When you just minimize the window the title is still visible in the taskbar.) One click and nobody can see where you have been surfing.


You can not only hide the browser, but additionally any window you need, for example:

- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, AOL, ...
- Picture Viewers (IrfanView, ACDSee, etc.)
- Video Players (Real Player, Media Player, etc.)
- Audio Players (WinAmp, Media Player, etc.)
- Instant Messengers such as MSN or AOL messenger or ICQ
- Downloads continue in the background without showing in the taskbar!


The built-in history cleaner comes with features that have proven to be most useful in 12-Wash: Maintain your privacy and clear temporary files on your disk drive. Removes your Internet history, cookies, and temporary cached files of Internet Explorer. The address drop-down list can be cleared, as well as the auto-complete info of forms.

You may also clear tracks left in Windows. The default temporary (TEMP) folder is cleared, Run history, Recent Documents menu, and Recently Searched Files list.

It even deletes locked files or files-in-use (for example those peculiar "index.dat" files). Locked files are queued for deletion at the next Windows restart.

If you need more control, more options, or delete custom files, please have a look at   12-Wash.


Download a range of pictures automatically to a local folder. Pictures are renamed (optionally) so that this doesn't overwrite existing pictures, and you can keep track of which pictures belong together even if the images are just called 1.jpg, 2.jpg, and so on.

Wait until the page is completely loaded so that the complete set of pictures can be found. Often, smaller versions, so called thumbnails of the pictures are displayed on the page. To download all pictures you would usually click on the thumbnail, wait, then select Save Picture for each of them. Now, all you need to do is click Pictures -> OK. 12-IETools does the rest!

Thumbnail galleries that point to .HTM pages work as well!!! For example, a web page lists thumbnails pointing to picture1.htm, picture2.htm, and so on, and each of these pages display a picture which you want to download, 12-IETools does that for you, too!


Let 12-IETools download thumbnail gallaries fast!












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