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12Ghosts Timer

Start applications easily, schedule reminders


ZDNet Editor's Pick

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What does it do for me?

12Ghosts Timer is a comfortable and easy to use, yet powerful scheduler to start programs at specific times or periodically. Open documents or request Web pages at certain times! Set up reminders with a customizable snooze function! Start once, recurring, with countdown, or start a certain time after logon. You can set process priority and window state for each started program. Even start and stop other timers at certain times!

An outstanding feature for a scheduler is the full holiday support. You may run timers on business days only and exclude weekends, official banking holidays, as well as customizable holidays. Holidays can be easily added and come pre-defined for U.S.A., UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, as well as Belgium. 12-Timer is batch capable and programmable from external programs, C and VB programs, as well as VB scripts (example code included). To top it all, logging and password protection is supported, too.

The timer control has everything at a single glance. It always displays both, the exact time to start, as well as the remaining time. The animated moon phase is a graphical highlight.


Reminder with Auto-Snooze

You can display a reminder with a description. This does not only pop-up once, however.

You can set it to auto-snooze, for example after 3 minutes. If you are currently working on something else you may move the reminder out of the way but not respond to it. After a few seconds into your work, however, you may have forgot the reminder completely. With this option it will keep reminding you!

Reliable: a snoozed timer works even after a Windows restart.












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