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12Ghosts QuickStart

Launch programs quickly, open documents and system folders


ZDNet "5 Star"

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What does it do for me?

Access programs, documents, Internet sites, e-mail addresses, folders, commands, batch files, Windows tools, anything you need quickly! Access any command quickly in one of four different menus, add hotkeys (unlimited), create your own tray icons (unlimited), or define a screen edge activation area (unlimited, too). Combine commands to open several documents at once!

12-QuickStart is fully customizable - add your own programs or drag and drop existing shortcuts. Arrange the entries in a hierarchical structure, in submenus, with indentation, separators or in new columns. Add custom icons, change texts, compose your menu completely to your liking!

This is not only a program launcher. It has more than 150 time-saving functions built-in:

  • Easily access system folders
  • Redirect any key pressed to any other key or keys
  • Eject CDs
  • Screen resolution switching
  • Hide all windows even those that can't be minimized
  • Change clipboard contents to text-only or capitalize all characters
  • Bookmark registry keys
  • Clear folders
  • Shut down the computer


Every aspect of the 12-QuickStart menu can be configured!


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