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12Ghosts FTP (Part of X12)

Upload files easily, manage files


The LE version is free for private use.


= 12-FTP is still in Beta Testing =


What does it do for me?

You can transfer files to, from, and even between servers. It has good response times, offers powerful features, and is easy-to-use for beginners as well as advanced users. 12-FTP can be made to look like a two-pane Explorer but adds many powerful and time-saving features.

We are honored to offer an FTP client, supporting one of the most tried and tested protocols of the Internet. Development reaches back to 1971 when first proposals of an implementation of a File Transfer Protocol were made at the MIT, initiator of the Internet. 12-FTP is based on the latest standards laid out in RFC-959, "File Transfer Protocol", and follows closely the recommendations of RFC 2577, "FTP Security Considerations". 12-FTP supports active and passive connections for maximum firewall-friendliness, transfer of files between two remote servers (FXP), and multiple concurrent transfers, limited only by your connection bandwidth. Each transfer is done in a separate thread, not blocking each other or the user interface.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is 12-FTP, which is X12?

We refer to 12-FTP when we talk about file transfer capabilities. However, the program has features beyond FTP, like file management, compression, backup, picture viewing, file compare, and more. Since it does several things at once we used X12as a working title. (This is not, whatsoever, to take advantage, or even faintly remind you of The X-Files. Rather, we hope to inspire a new version of the BMW X5 with 12 cylinders, which of course would be called X5 6.4i, and neither X12 nor Silver Ghost).

You offer ten styles but I only use one. Isn't that a lot of overhead?

No, we effectively only have one program. You may change the look and behavior of many buttons but those are essentially the same buttons, they just look differently. Such overhead may be noticeably because of the large number of options, however, you may disable the Styles toolbar and even hide the Styles menu (Options -> Other).

Why do you offer freeware?

We have been delivering freeware and shareware for more than a decade. This is a way to prove to new users how useful our software is. You may be interested in our PRO and full versions, offering more and advanced features. (There is other well known software, for example WinZip, WS_FTP, or ACDSee which all started as freeware or shareware.)


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