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12Ghosts FileDate

Change the date and time stamp of files and folders

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ZDNet Editor's Pick


What does it do for me?

Set the date and time created, modified, and last accessed of single files or all files in a folder. The graphical interface displays and lets you change the dates and times with an easy-to-use date-time control.

Disguise when you worked on a file, or make your work look great by setting a meaningful date and time.

What's really nice is that you can save (and restore) the file and date info of several files into a script file. So you can restore the exact same file and date info later.

The tool is straight-forward to use on individual files, and supports command line parameters for automation.


Why change time stamps?

  • Save the real date when you took a picture
  • Disguise the time you actually created a document, or when you last accessed it
  • Make your work look great by setting a meaningful date and time
  • Restore file dates after restoring files from backup
  • Set the Last Modified date to the date you created the file (e.g. the day you took a picture, not when you transfered it to the computer.)
  • Memorize a certain date/time in context with a document
  • For publishing software and documents: Indicate the version number in the time stamp (e.g. 09:04 AM for version 9.04)


Change date and time last modified of important documents













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