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  Wash  Shredder  StartupGuard     
Tweak  Quick  NotePad       
      Sync  ShowTime  Timer       
Backup  Replace  FileDate       
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12Ghosts Complete 9.70  (4.8 MB, 20 seconds at 2000 Kbit/s)

  • Version 9.70, released February 4, 2010
  • Designed for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  • Includes both, 32- and 64-bit versions
  • Online help and uninstall included
  • This update is free for all registered users of version 9.xx!

What's New?

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(These are all included in 12G-Complete where, during setup, you may select
which tools to install.)

12G-Security  (1.4 MB, 6 sec at 2000 Kbit/s)
12G-SysTools  (2.8 MB, 12 sec at 2000 Kbit/s)
12G-Automation (1.4 MB, 6 sec at 2000 Kbit/s)
12G-Files&More  (1.8 MB, 8 sec at 2000 Kbit/s)


Individual Programs

(These are all included in 12G-Complete where, during setup, you may select
which tools to install.) (About 900 KB each, 4 sec at 2000 Kbit/s)

Security: SysTools: Automation: Files&More:  
 Wash      Tweak       ProfileCpy     Sync      FTP
 Shredder  SetColor  Password  ShowTime    Backup
 StartupGuard  DeskTOP  ScrnMan  ShutDown    Replace
 IETools    Clip  JaWindow  Timer    FileDate
 Popup    QuickStart  JumpReg  WinControl    ShellX
 TrayProtect    Lookup  Messenger  Robo    2ndFolder
     Notepad  SaveLayout  Zip  

12-Tweak 64 for Windows 64-bit
12-SetupSFX 64 for Windows 64-bit


Previous Versions

12G-Complete 9.52 (previous release)
12G-Complete 8.11e (recommended for Windows XP)
12G-Complete 7.10b (works on Windows 98)



Click here to download the installation file. Open or Run the downloaded file. At the first setup screen you may Select Ghosts to Install. Click Next to finish the installation.



To uninstall 12Ghosts either:

  • Click START - All Programs - 12Ghosts - Uninstall
  • or use Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs
  • or double-click 'uninstall.exe' in the installation folder, usually 'C:\Program Files\12Ghosts'













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